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Eddie Mack #3

Steamboat at the 2014 USA Ultimate TCT Pro-Elite Challenge at the NY InviteNY Invite: Pro-Elite Challenge

Nickname: E$
Age: 31
Years Playing Ultimate: 13
College: University of Dayton (Go Flyers!)
Years with Steamboat: 7
Favorite Throw: Forehand Belkin-blade for a score
If You Could Be Any Animal: Monkey (you get to swing from a tree with your tail!)
Twitter: Eddie Mack #3 
Best Deck of Cards Workout Time: 15:46
Best UC Stadium Workout Time: 18:16
Best CiCi's Pizza Eating Time: 2:05:31
Best Meal: Getting Serious with Ruby Tuesday's Serious Salad Bar + Sliders, Golden Grahams, Steph's Grean Bean Casserole, and Mom's Lasagna
Two Truths & a Lie: 
Theme: Things done under 21
1. I've shaken hands with two Astronauts
2. I've been featured on a box of Wheaties (high school) 
3. One time, I ate so much grilled cheese I was told by a doctor to stop