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Kristi Schmeling #99

Hometown: New Ulm, MN
College: Bemidji State University
Years with Steamboat: 2009-present
Playing Ultimate Since: 1999

Favorite Throw: Inside-Out Flick
Fun Fact: Left-handed in real life! 
Favorite Tournaments Attended (in no particular order): Poultry Days (2007-2013), Potlatch (2005, 2008, 2010), Acapulco Hat (2009), Gender Blender (2010, 2013), Paganello (2011)
Tournament Bucket List: Hopu, Kaimana Klassik, Windmill Windup, Sandblast, Wildwood
Not-So-Hidden Talent: Belching
Two Truths & a Lie: 
1. Kristi lettered all 4 years in band 
2. Kristi is 4'12"
3. Kristi knows the lyrics to any rap song you ask her about