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Steph Sheavly Mack #6

Smack! Shmack skying Drag 'n Thrust at Club Nationals 2013

Name: Steph Sheavly Mack
Nickname: Shmack
Age: 30
Years Playing: 9
College: University of Dayton, University of Chicago
Years on Steamboat: 6
Favorite Throw: Lammer
Biggest Fear: Soggy Bread
Best Tournament Party (& why): Paganello - Battello a Vapore!
If you could be any animal what would you be: A Potto
Two Truths & a Lie: 
Theme: Middle School 
1. I had a paper route and delivered the Medina Sun every other Thursday after school
2. I wrote multiple rock songs for a Science Project, one entitled Everyday When You're Walking by the Creek
3. I met Otto Orf and Hector Marinaro when my club soccer team played during a Cleveland Crunch game