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Travis Knight #1

Name: Travis Knight
Nickname: Hardest Working Man in Ultimate
Age: 27 
Years Playing:
College: University of Dayton
Years on Steamboat: 1 (Rookie!)
Favorite Throw: Push-pass dump
Best Tournament Party: No Wisconsequences, because E$ got pulled over for speeding in a school van carrying 15 hammered college students and somehow got out of everything
If You Could Be Any Animal: A turtle, so I could get in my shell and be home whenever I wanted and also because of my prolific track record in long races against hares
Two Truths & a Lie: 
1. In the 5th grade spelling bee final, in front of the entire school, I was eliminated in the first round for misspelling "field"
2. I once won $500 playing fantasy NASCAR
3. I made it to states in swimming for 2 events senior year of high school