2018 Steamboat Captains
Brittany Winner, Ryan Gorman, and Scott Schriner
To contact the captains with any questions, please e-mail steamboat-captains@googlegroups.com.
Brittany Winner (Britt, #22): Brittany started playing with Steamboat in 2008 and now enters her 10th season with the team, captaining for the first time in 2018.  She played basketball in college at Northern Kentucky University and started playing ultimate after her senior season. She has also won two world championships with the USA Women's Masters team at the World Championships of Beach Ultimate in 2015 (Dubai) and 2017 (France). She was most recently recognized by UltiWorld as a 2nd Team All-Club member in the mixed division for 2017.
Ryan Gorman (Gorman, #5): Ryan has been playing with Steamboat since 2010 and also captained in 2011, 2012, the start of the 2013 season before moving to Colorado for a couple years, and 2016. Prior to playing with Steamboat, Ryan started playing ultimate in 2005 with his high school team. He then played all four years at Notre Dame (achieving First Team All Region honors in 2009). After a summer playing club ultimate in Minnesota in 2009, Ryan returned home. Ryan also played with the Cincinnati Revolution in the AUDL (2013 and 2016) and has captained Beachboat Ultimate in the USA Ultimate beach division (2015-2018).
Scott Schriner (Scott, #21): Scott joined Steamboat in  2015 and  assumed the role of captain for the first time in 2017. He played with and captained  his college ultimate team  at the University of Cincinnati. He also previously played with Madcow from Columbus and the Cincinnati Revolution in the AUDL.
Past Steamboat Leadership
2018 - Brittany Winner, Ryan Gorman, and Scott Schriner
2017 - Jeff Kula , Joe Mozloom, and Scott Schriner (2017 Captains)
Support Personnel: Bryan Walsh, Eddie Mack, Kevin Kula, Nancy Haskell, Ryan Gorman, and Tim Settles
2016 - Jeff Kula, Nichole Kwee, and Ryan Gorman (2016 Captains)
Support Personnel: Eddie Mack, Joe Mozloom, Kelsey Gibboney, and Nancy Haskell
2015 - Chris "Fudge" Powers and Joe Mozloom
Coach: Dan Zistler
Support Personnel:  Alex Riahi, Brittany Winner, Eddie Mack, Jen Golan, Kate McInerney, Kristi Schmeling, and  Ryan Gorman
2014 - Jason Mickey, Jen Golan, and Joe Mozloom
Support Personnel:  Ashley Messina, Eddie Mack, Kate McInerney, Kristi Schmeling,  and Ryan Gorman

2013 - Eddie Mack (replaced Ryan Gorman), Joe Mozloom, and Kate McInerney
Support Personnel: Aaron Armbruster, Ashley Messina, Jason Conrad,  Kristi Schmeling, Matt Hudson, Michael Lyrenmann, and Nick Wetzel
2012 - Eddie Mack, Kristi Schmeling, and Ryan Gorman
2011 - Eddie Mack, Kristi Schmeling, and Ryan Gorman
2010 - Eddie Mack, Maureen "Mo" Felicelli, and Nick Felicelli
Support Personnel:  Kristi Schmeling and Michael Rimler
2009 - Alex Bowers, Eddie Mack, and Michael Rimler
Support Personnel: Chris Clements, JR Cummings, Kristi Schmeling, Maureen "Mo" Felicelli, and Nick Felicelli

2008 - Eddie Mack and Sarah Jeffries
Support Personnel: Isaac Jeffries , Kelly "OB" Rimler, Kyle Gerschutz, Michael Rimler, Roy Stephens, and   Susan Conrad