Steamboat Ultimate 2017 - Tryout Information
Steamboat Ultimate is the Pro Flight mixed club ultimate team from Cincinnati, Ohio. Steamboat is going into its 10th year as a program and looks to continue building on previous successes, while striving for new achievements in 2017. Steamboat prides itself on working hard and creating a team environment where all players contribute to the overall success of the team. On top of that, Steamboat continues to challenge itself by attending some of the premier tournaments in the country, playing against many of the best teams in the mixed division. As a Pro Flight team, access to these tournaments is a definite benefit.
Plans for the 2017 tryout process are not available at this time but will be posted here when they are ready. Please consider staying in touch if you are interested in getting involved with Steamboat in 2017!
2016 Steamboat Captains: Jeff Kula, Nichole Kwee, and Ryan Gorman
Contact the captains at with any  specific questions.
Other information for consideration such as the season schedule, practice expectations, and so on, will be posted/distributed when available.