2020 Steamboat Captains

Kristin Bolte Baxter, Danny Khoe, Kate McInerney, and Scott Schriner

Photo Credit: UltiPhotos

Mission Statement:

Steamboat strives to promote player and team development through focused work, shared learning experiences, and a culture of trust as we prepare ourselves for, and pursue advancement in, the USA Ultimate Championship Series. We commit to ourselves and each other to uphold the values of respect and equality for each member of the team, take opportunities to grow as individuals, and pursue a high standard of both excellence and joy. We expect team members to represent our program at all times through Spirited play, mutual respect among teammates and opponents, and fostering support from the community around us.


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Kristin Baxter (Bolte, #13): Bolte joined Steamboat in 2014 as a practice player and has been on the roster since 2015 after playing in college at Case Western Reserve University. She also played for Indy Red in the Premier Ultimate League in 2019. 2020 will be her first year in the captain role for Steamboat. She's also done some cool things.

Danny Khoe (Danny, #77): Danny joined Steamboat in 2016 and also played for the Cincinnati Revolution that year. He has been with the program ever since and steps in as captain for the first time in 2020. He played college ultimate at Whitworth University. He's also done some cool things.

Kate McInerney (Kate, #19): Kate joined Steamboat in 2012 and captained in 2013 when the group first qualified for Club Nationals. She continued for several years and then took a hiatus, ending in 2019 as she returned to the Boat helm. Kate also coaches Xavier University Ignition and has captained Indy Red in the Premier Ultimate League.

Scott Schriner (Scott, #1): Scott joined Steamboat in 2015 and assumed the role of captain for the first time in 2017. He has maintained that role since that time. He played with and captained the men's ultimate team while attending the University of Cincinnati and currently coaches the UC women's ultimate team. He also previously played with Madcow from Columbus and the Cincinnati Revolution in the AUDL.

Past Steamboat Leadership

2019 - Brittany Winner, Kate McInerney, Scott Schriner, and Tim Settles

2018 - Brittany Winner, Ryan Gorman, and Scott Schriner

2017 - Jeff Kula, Joe Mozloom, and Scott Schriner

Support Personnel: Bryan Walsh, Eddie Mack, Kevin Kula, Nancy Haskell, Ryan Gorman, and Tim Settles

2016 - Jeff Kula, Nichole Kwee, and Ryan Gorman

Support Personnel: Eddie Mack, Joe Mozloom, Kelsey Gibboney, and Nancy Haskell

2015 - Chris "Fudge" Powers and Joe Mozloom

Coach: Dan Zistler

Support Personnel: Alex Riahi, Brittany Winner, Eddie Mack, Jen Golan, Kate McInerney, Kristi Schmeling, and Ryan Gorman

2014 - Jason Mickey, Jen Golan, and Joe Mozloom

Support Personnel: Ashley Messina, Eddie Mack, Kate McInerney, Kristi Schmeling, and Ryan Gorman

2013 - Eddie Mack (replaced Ryan Gorman), Joe Mozloom, and Kate McInerney

Support Personnel: Aaron Armbruster, Ashley Messina, Jason Conrad, Kristi Schmeling, Matt Hudson, Michael Lyrenmann, and Nick Wetzel

2012 - Eddie Mack, Kristi Schmeling, and Ryan Gorman

2011 - Eddie Mack, Kristi Schmeling, and Ryan Gorman

2010 - Eddie Mack, Maureen "Mo" Felicelli, and Nick Felicelli

Support Personnel: Kristi Schmeling and Michael Rimler

2009 - Alex Bowers, Eddie Mack, and Michael Rimler

Support Personnel: Chris Clements, JR Cummings, Kristi Schmeling, Maureen "Mo" Felicelli, and Nick Felicelli

2008 - Eddie Mack and Sarah Jeffries

Support Personnel: Isaac Jeffries , Kelly "OB" Rimler, Kyle Gerschutz, Michael Rimler, Roy Stephens, and Susan Conrad