2008 Event Recaps

No Surf

Each year, many teams throughout the East Plains section and Northeast region travel to Cleveland, OH to have tryout tournaments as the season prepares to get into full swing. Spring training for some teams, Steamboat used No Surf as a good tune up to determine the strengths and areas of improvements for each player.

Even though Steamboat was going to an open tournament did not defer them from having a goal of winning. A team strength that showed up right away was our Cup D. Many open teams struggled as these games gave Steamboat great practice for zone defense.

No Surf shed some light as to what each player was capable of doing on the field and with two victories over open teams and two other games the team should have pulled out a win, the team returned to Cincinnati wanting to get back on the field right away.

We picked up some areas of improvement for the team, including endzone O / iso calls, movement of the disc off the sideline, transition D from zone to man, and our marks both on and away from the disc.

No Surf resulted in Steamboat with a 2-5 record but more importantly was one of the first tournaments Steamboat played as a full squad even though it was in the open division.


With very few mixed teams in the area, Steamboat again ventured to an open tournament because of its locality (in Lebanon, OH) and because again it would give the team a chance to work together on the areas of improvement learned from No Surf and practices.

Steamboat had another strong showing from its zone D and forced many teams to turnover the disc. However, turnover became the word of the weekend as Steamboat struggled to hold onto the disc for a total of 168 turnovers over 7 games.

Many positives came to light though as our endzone offense improved as well as our overall defensive presence with #1 Kyle Gerschutz (15 D’s) and #8 Nick Fellicelli (10 D’s) leading the way. Gerschutz and Fellicelli also led the way on offense with 16 goals and 15 assists, respectively. #18 Kyle Jepson also added 13 goals on the weekend. #2 Maggie Rose and #14 Mo Fellicelli had the fewest turnovers with only 2 each.

As the last open tournament wrapped up, Steamboat came away with a 4-3 weekend record and a team now waiting to face its first mixed competition a couple weeks away at Hoosier Hoedown.

Hoosier Hoedown

Finally, Steamboat gets to test the waters at a mixed tournament with the Hoosier Hoedown in Bloomington, IN. Facing many Great Lakes Regional opponents, Steamboat came out strong on Saturday going 3-1. Still in position to win the tournament on Sunday, Steamboat won their first two games before losing in the finals in a game which turnovers cost Steamboat a chance to go to universe point with the champion, Lush.

Many members of Steamboat are anxious to face these teams again as some great close games were played out over the weekend. Again, leading the way on offense was Nick Felicelli, #8, and Kyle Gerschutz, #1, with 13 assists and 6 goals. Chris Clements, #17, Lindsey Saum, #12, and Brittany Winner, #22, also had 6 goals to help Steamboat place 2nd overall. Defensively, Gerschutz and Clements led the way with 7 and 6 goals, respectively.

Overall, a strong showing at Steamboat’s first ever mixed tournament with plenty of game experience to carry the team on the rest of the year.

Glazed Daze

After a devastating day of losses, Steamboat managed one victorious moment on Saturday evening and won the Glazed Daze Donut-eating competition. Crew members Rimler, JR, Steph and Kristin finished one dozen donuts, 2 cans of beer, 1 can of orange squirt and a pint of milk in approximately 6 minutes.

As the third participant in the relay, Kristin scarfed down 2.5 donuts and a half pint of milk in record time. With milk pouring from her nose, and regurgitation nearby, she crossed the finish line, thus further advancing the Steamboat lead and giving them their first win of the season.

Well done, Steamboat.