Steamboat at USA Ultimate Great Lakes Regional Championships (September 22, 2013)

The perfect Sunday in West Lafayette...

Building confidence in themselves during a season that included a trip to the program's first Triple Crown Tour event in Seattle, Steamboat delivered when it mattered at Regionals. The team's first Regional Championship earned them a spot at the National Championships in Texas that October.

2013 Steamboat Roster

Aaron Armbruster #33

Aaron Bacon #15

Lindsey Cencula #54

Chris Clements #17

Jason Conrad #29

Kellan Gibboney #18

Jen Golan #10

Ryan Gorman #5

Jeff Haney #28

Will Huffer #14

Isaac Jeffries #46

Emily Kraft #55

Michael Lyrenmann #41

Eddie Mack #3 (Captain)

Steph Mack #6

Kate McInerney #13 (Captain)

Ashley Messina #1

Jason Mickey #44

Joe Mozloom #38 (Captain)

Kenny Paulin #12

John Richey #40

Kristi Schmeling #99

Aaron Schwartz #8

John Siemer #11

Nick Wetzel #4

Brittany Winner #22

Max Wuesthoff #2

Anthony Isaacs #64 (Practice)

2013 Steamboat Tournament Schedule

Overall Record: 35-19


Down With the Clown -- South Bend, Indiana -- June 29-30 (Results: 6-1, 5th Place of 14)

W, 15-0 vs Beast Lansing in Pool Play

W, 15-7 vs Pizza Party in Pool Play

W, 15-4 vs Jagged Ice in Pool Play

W, 13-6 vs The Abusement Park in Crossover

L, 15-14 vs panIC in Quarterfinals

W, 15-8 vs Prion in 5th-Place Semifinals

W, 15-7 vs Jagged Ice in 5th-Place Game

Regular Season

Cin City Classic 2013 -- Cincinnati, Ohio -- July 13-14 (Results: 7-1, 1st Place of 10)

W, 15-4 vs Hustle & Flo in Pool Play

W, 15-5 vs Lafayette Street Dogs in Pool Play

L, 14-13 vs The Muff 'n Men in Crossover

W, 15-3 vs Cake in Pool Play

W, 15-4 vs Hairy Otter in Pool Play

W, 15-5 vs Liquid Hustle in Quarterfinals

W, 15-7 vs Hairy Otter in Semifinals

W, 15-11 vs The Muff 'n Men in Championship Game

Motown Throwdown -- Sylvania, Ohio -- July 27-28 (Results: 5-2, 3rd Place of 16)

W, 13-4 vs Pizza Party in Pool Play

W, 13-3 vs Cephalomaniacs in Pool Play

W, 13-11 vs Gambit in Pool Play

L, 11-8 vs Union in Crossover

W, 9-7 vs Prion in Quarterfinals

L, 10-9 vs The Abusement Park in Semifinals

W, 11-6 vs Gambit in 3rd-Place Game

USA Ultimate Elite-Select Challenge (Emerald City Classic) -- Seattle, Washington -- August 10-11 (Results: 2-5, 12th Place of 16)

L, 15-7 vs Wild Card in Pool Play

L, 12-10 vs Mental Toss Flycoons in Pool Play

L, 15-12 vs Engine 45 in Pool Play

W, 15-10 vs Death by Jubilee in Crossover

W, 15-10 vs BW Ultimate in 9th-Place Quarterfinals

L, 12-11 vs Mental Toss Flycoons in 9th-Place Semifinals

L, 15-10 vs Termite's Entourage in 11th-Place Game

Heavyweights -- Rockford, Illinois -- August 24-25 (Results: 6-1, 2nd Place of 28)

W, 12-7 vs Bird in Pool Play

W, 11-4 vs Underhaul in Pool Play

W, 12-10 vs Gambit in Pool Play

W, 13-5 vs Free Ride in Pre-Quarterfinals

W, 14-9 vs Prion in Quarterfinals

W, 12-11 vs NOISE in Semifinals

L, 13-8 vs Interrobang! in Championship Game


USA Ultimate East Plains Sectionals -- Versailles, Ohio -- September 7-8 (Results: 3-2, 3rd Place of 8)

* 4 Bids to Regionals

W, 15-7 vs North Coast Disc Co. in Pool Play

W, 15-0 vs Prom Night in Pool Play

W, 15-9 vs Handlebar in Pool Play

L, 14-11 vs Santa Maria in Championship Game

L, 14-9 vs Underhaul in 2nd-Place Game

USA Ultimate Great Lakes Regionals -- West Lafayette, Indiana -- September 21-22 (Results: 6-1, 1st Place of 10)

* 1 Bid to Nationals

L, 11-10 vs Santa Maria in Pool Play

W, 13-7 vs The Abusement Park in Pool Play

W, 13-4 vs ELevate in Pool Play

W, 13-10 vs Prion in Pool Play

W, 15-7 vs Liquid Hustle in Quarterfinals

W, 13-10 vs Underhaul in Semifinals

W, 13-10 vs Santa Maria in Championship Game

USA Ultimate National Championships -- Frisco, Texas -- October 17-20 (Results: 0-6, 16th Place of 16)

L, 15-6 vs Slow White in Pool Play

L, 15-10 vs The Ghosts in Pool Play

L, 15-14 vs Cosa Nostra in Pool Play

L, 15-9 vs Drag'n Thrust in Pre-Quarterfinals

L, 15-7 vs 7 Figures in 13th-Place Semifinals

L, 15-9 vs Ambiguous Grey in 15th-Place Game