Steamboat at 2008 UPA Central Regionals (October 12, 2008)

A new ship casts off...

A bold group of individuals had an idea and the courage to make it happen. Led by the original “Hull” of leaders, these 31 players laid the groundwork for a program that’s still going strong 12 years later. 19 of them went on to play at least one more season with Steamboat, with three of them participating in 11 out of the 12 years and one coming back to coach. To think that votes had to be cast that year to determine whether the team name would be Steamboat or Steamboat Willie! More event recaps can be found here, including a play-by-play from the eating contest victory at Glazed Daze.

2008 Steamboat Roster

Alex Bowers #26

Shannon Burnett #44

Bryce Cannon #99

Chris Clements #17

Justin Conrad #21

Susan Conrad #5

Jonathan Cummings #4

Ned Earley #13

Maureen Felicelli #14

Nick Felicelli #8

Josh Findley #00

Kyle Gerschutz #1

Jen Golan #10

Todd Grace #15

Isaac Jeffries #46

Sarah Jeffries #9 (Captain)

Kyle Jepson #18

Maggie Lindsley #2

Eddie Mack #3 (Captain)

Steph Mack #6

Hajnal Nelc #24

Kristin Riepenhoff #45

Kelly Rimler #11

Michael Rimler #7

Erin Ritchie #19

Lindsey Saum #12

Roy Stephens #20

Austin Winner #33

Brittany Winner #22

Dan Zistler #39

Sarah Zistler #32

2008 Steamboat Tournament Schedule

Overall Record: 25-24


No Surf -- Cleveland, Ohio -- June 21-22 (Results: 2-5, 20th Place of 24)

L, 10-6 vs Riders of Brohan in Pool Play

L, 10-7 vs Jawbone in Pool Play

W, 10-7 vs Midnight Meat Train in Pool Play

L, 13-5 vs Grand Truck in Pool Play

W, 15-10 vs Roy in 17th-Place Quarterfinals

L, 13-11 vs Zebra Muscles in 17th-Place Semifinals

L, 5-4 vs Flying Pig in 19th-Place Game

SCINNY -- Lebanon, Ohio -- June 28-29 (Results: 4-3, 5th Place of 13)

W, 9-5 vs Enigma in Pool Play

L, 15-4 vs LouEVIL in Pool Play

W, 11-8 vs Indy Club in Pool Play

L, 9-9 vs Ho Daddies in Crossover

L, 15-7 vs LouEVIL in Quarterfinals

W, 13-11 vs KULT in 5th-Place Semifinals

W, 15-6 vs Flying Pig in 5th-Place Game

Regular Season

Hoosier Hoedown -- Bloomington, Indiana -- July 12-13 (Results: 5-2, 2nd Place of 12)

W, 13-3 vs Death By Disc in Pool Play

W, 12-9 vs Gambit in Pool Play

W, 13-1 vs Ganggreen in Pool Play

L, 12-10 vs The Abusement Park in Pool Play

W, 13-3 vs Just Liquor in Pool Play

W, 13-10 vs Hybrid in Semifinals

L, 15-13 vs Lush in Championship Game

Glazed Daze -- Winston-Salem, North Carolina -- August 2-3 (Results: 1-5, 9th Place of 9)

L, 10-4 vs Flight in Pool Play

L, 13-5 vs Olio in Pool Play

L, 11-6 vs TAU in Pool Play

W, 15-13 vs Boone! ShakaLaka in Pool Play

L, 14-12 vs Big Red Death Machine in Placement Pool Play

L, 13-11 vs Durhammer in Placement Pool Play

Cooler Classic -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin -- August 16-17 (Results: 5-2, 3rd Place of 16)

W, 13-3 vs Teddy Grumpskins in Pool Play

W, 13-9 vs Soy Nuts in Pool Play

W, 10-7 vs Deathstar Contractors in Pool Play

L, 13-3 vs One Trick Pony in Crossover

W, 13-5 vs Munquoi in Quarterfinals

L, 15-10 vs Peppermint Bon Bon in Semifinals

W, 15-10 vs Oh Boy! in 3rd-Place Game

Chicago Heavyweights -- Naperville, Illinois -- September 6-7 (Results: 3-4, 15th Place of 28)

L, 12-5 vs Quiet Coyote in Pool Play

W, 15-6 vs Plowed in Pool Play

L, 15-6 vs Alpha Cobra Squadron in Pool Play

L, 14-13 vs Hybrid in Pool Play

W, 12-7 vs Deathstar Contractors in 13th-Place Quarterfinals

L, 15-3 vs Oh Boy! in 13th-Place Semifinals

W, 13-5 vs NURD in 15th-Place Game


UPA East Plains/Michigan Sectionals -- Versailles, Ohio -- September 27-28 (Results: 2-0, 1st Place of 3)

* 2 Bids to Regionals

W, 15-0 vs Cruella de Ville in Pool Play

W, 15-10 vs Hybrid in Pool Play

UPA Central Regionals -- Delafield, Wisconsin -- October 11-12 (Results: 3-3, 8th Place of 16)

* 2 Bids to Nationals

W, 15-3 vs Just Liquor in Pool Play

W, 15-9 vs Lush in Pool Play

L, 15-4 vs Peppermint Bon Bon in Pool Play

W, 15-8 vs Playground Heroes in 2nd-Place Bracket

L, 11-9 vs Deathstar Contractors in 2nd-Place Bracket

L, 15-10 vs Gambit in 7th-Place Game