Steamboat at Cooler Classic 21 (August 16, 2009)

Navigating unknown waters...

12 members from the original crew returned and gathered new mates to grow as a returning team in the second year. Although the team may have unexpectedly fallen short at Sectionals, this roster included 7 individuals that would captain Steamboat at one time or another, laying the groundwork for many future years of success for the program. More event recaps can be found here.

2009 Steamboat Roster

Nicole Badie

Alex Bowers #26 (Captain)

Bryce Cannon #99

Chris Clements #17

Jonathan Cummings #4

Matt Dudash #33

Maureen Felicelli #14

Nick Felicelli #8

Peter Ferrante #2

Jen Golan #10

Jeff Haney #28

Thomas Hein #12

Chris Kiessling

Carrie Kissman #72

Lindsey Kleiser #15

Eddie Mack #3 (Captain)

Steph Mack #6

Alyssa McMahon #21

Garrett Moulder #19

Neil Narayan #36

Hajnal Nelc #24

Kristin Riepenhoff #45

Kelly Rimler #11

Michael Rimler #7 (Captain)

Kristi Schmeling #66

Sam Stewart #51

Rachel Thaw #20

Andrew Uhling #22

David Weber #34

2009 Steamboat Tournament Schedule

Overall Record: 16-16


Down With The Clown -- South Bend, Indiana -- June 27-28 (Results: 4-3, 6th Place of 10)

W, 11-6 vs Prion in Pool Play

W, 12-7 vs Clowns Inc. in Pool Play

W, 13-9 vs Skyway in Pool Play

L, 13-8 vs The Abusement Park in Pool Play

L, 12-10 vs Hybrid in Quarterfinals

W, 11-9 vs Skyway in 5th-Place Semifinals

L, 13-12 vs Prion in 5th-Place Game

Hoosier Hoedown -- Bloomington, Indiana -- July 11-12 (Results: 5-1, 2nd Place of 11)

W, 13-6 vs Sauce in Pool Play

W, 13-3 vs Madtown Boozehounds in Pool Play

W, 13-12 vs Gambit in Pool Play

W, 13-5 vs Status Quo in Pool Play

W, 15-6 vs Skyway in Semifinals

L, 15-13 vs Gambit in Championship Game

Regular Season

Cooler Classic 21 -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin -- August 15-16 (Results: 4-2, 5th Place of 28)

W, 12-11 vs Oh Boy! in Pool Play

L, 13-4 vs Drag'n Thrust in Pool Play

W, 13-11 vs Hybrid in Pool Play

L, 13-5 vs Gambit in Quarterfinals

W, 13-9 vs Plowed in 5th-Place Semifinals

W, 12-9 vs Oh Boy! in 5th-Place Game

Chicago Heavyweights -- Naperville, Illinois -- September 12-13 (Results: 0-7, 12th Place of 24)

L, 15-13 vs B.O.I. in Pool Play

L, 15-5 vs One Trick Pony in Pool Play

L, 15-9 vs The Abusement Park in Pool Play

L, 15-2 vs Drag'n Thrust in Crossover

L, W-L vs NURD in Pre-Quarters

L, 15-4 vs Gambit in 9th-Place Semifinals

L, 17-16 vs NOISE in 11th-Place Game


UPA East Plains/Michigan Sectionals -- Versailles, Ohio -- September 26-27 (Results: 3-3, 4th Place of 5)

* 3 Bids to Regionals

W, 13-8 vs Hybrid in Pool Play

L, 13-7 vs B.O.I. in Pool Play

W, 13-10 vs Scurvy in Pool Play

W, 15-14 vs Commitment Issues in Pool Play

L, 15-9 vs Hybrid in Semifinals

L, 15-10 vs Commitment Issues in 3rd-Place Game