Steamboat at USA Ultimate Great Lakes Regional Championships (September 21, 2014)

Establishing the new normal...

Coming off the program's first trip to Nationals, Steamboat carried the new challenge of expectation into the 2014 season. Accepting a demanding schedule of Triple Crown Tour events, the season built to an eventual windy Regionals in West Chester and a return to the finals against a familiar opponent. The conditions proved to be too much on that day, but Steamboat had set a new bar to strive for going forward. And the one year of polo jerseys was totally worth it!

2014 Steamboat Roster

Mark Anderson #21

Aaron Bacon #15

Lucia Derks #30

Kellan Gibboney #18

Jen Golan #10 (Captain)

Ryan Gorman #5

Jeff Haney #28

Will Huffer #14

Allison Knight #47

Travis Knight #11

Emily Kraft #55

Eddie Mack #3

Steph Mack #6

Peter Mancini #40

Collin McCartney #74

Kate McInerney #13

Jason Mickey #44 (Captain)

Joe Mozloom #38 (Captain)

Hajnal Nelc #24

Kenny Paulin #23

Chris Powers #27

Kelly Ramsburg #9

Kristi Schmeling #99

Tim Settles #8

John Siemer #1

Brittany Winner #22

Kristin Baxter (Practice)

2014 Steamboat Tournament Schedule

Overall Record: 26-13


Cin City Classic 2014 -- Cincinnati, Ohio -- May 31-June 1 (Results: 8-0, 1st Place of 9)

W vs Jagged Ice in Pool Play

W vs North Coast Disc Co. in Pool Play

W vs The Muff 'n Men X in Pool Play

W vs Snow Day in Pool Play

W vs Nantucket Sleighride in Pool Play

W vs Fighting Kirby's in Pool Play

W vs Hustle & Flo in Pool Play

W vs The Muff 'n Men Y in Pool Play

Down With the Clown -- South Bend, Indiana -- June 28-29 (Results: 6-1, 1st Place of 10)

L, 11-9 vs Lafayette Street Dogs in Pool Play

W, 11-8 vs Snow Day in Pool Play

W, 13-2 vs Cephalomaniacs in Pool Play

W, 11-8 vs Omerta in Pool Play

W, 13-8 vs Boomtown Pandas in Quarterfinals

W, 13-8 vs The Abusement Park in Semifinals

W, 14-9 vs panIC in Championship Game

Regular Season

USA Ultimate Pro-Elite Challenge (NY Mixed Invite) -- Middletown, New York -- July 12-13 (Results: 2-5, 8th Place of 12)

W, 15-6 vs Muff 'n Men in Pool Play

L, 15-10 vs 7 Express in Pool Play

L, 15-9 vs The Chad Larson Experience in Pool Play

W, 15-11 vs Minnesota Star Power in Pool Play

L, 15-9 vs Cahoots in Pool Play

L, 13-11 vs The Lions in 5th-Place Semifinals

L, 13-9 vs Ambiguous Grey in 7th-Place Game

USA Ultimate Elite-Select Challenge (Colorado Cup) -- Aurora, Colorado -- August 2-3 (Results: 4-2, 4th Place of 16)

W, 13-10 vs D'oh Abides in Pool Play

W, 12-8 vs Noise in Pool Play

W, 13-12 vs American BBQ in Pool Play

W, 13-9 vs 7 Express in Quarterfinals

L, 13-6 vs 7 Figures in Semifinals

L, 14-13 vs Mischief in 3rd-Place Game

Heavyweights -- Rockford, Illinois -- August 23-24 (Results: 1-3, 4th Place of 32)

W, 13-8 vs Noise in Pool Play

L, 11-10 vs Mesteno in Pool Play

L, 9-8 vs Des Moines Metro in Pool Play

L, 8-6 vs Santa Maria in 3rd-Place Game


USA Ultimate Great Lakes Regionals -- West Chester, Ohio -- September 20-21 (Results: 5-2, 2nd Place of 10)

* 1 Bid to Nationals

W, 13-11 vs Interrobang in Pool Play

W, 11-9 vs ELevate in Pool Play

L, 10-8 vs The Abusement Park in Pool Play

W, 10-8 vs Handlebar in Pool Play

W, 15-8 vs Snow Day in Quarterfinals

W, 12-10 vs The Abusement Park in Semifinals

L, 14-6 vs Santa Maria in Championship Game