Steamboat at Cooler Classic 22 (August 15, 2010)

A foundation built...

21 of the 27 players on the 2010 roster ended up playing at least two years or more with Steamboat. While another unfortunate stumble at Sectionals wasn't what the team had planned for, the commitment to the program was established and would manifest itself for years to come. Regardless of any season results along the way, this group appreciated each other fully and certainly knew how to enjoy themselves off the ultimate field. More event recaps can be found here.

2010 Steamboat Roster

Aaron Armbruster #25

Aaron Bacon #15

Kevin Chu #71

Chris Clements #17

Ned Earley #13

Phil Faber

Maureen Felicelli #14 (Captain)

Nick Felicelli #8 (Captain)

Josh Findley #00

Jen Golan #10

Ryan Gorman #5

Jeff Haney #28

Chrissy Hedges #66

Chance Hill #61

Emily Kraft #55

Eddie Mack #3 (Captain)

Steph Mack #6

Garrett Moulder #19

Hajnal Nelc #24

Chris Place

Michael Rimler #7

Thomas Rivas #29

Kristi Schmeling #99

Sam Stewart #51

Rachel Thaw #20

David Weber #34

Brittany Winner #22

2010 Steamboat Tournament Schedule

Overall Record: 27-16


SMUT -- Knoxville, Tennessee -- June 26-27 (Results: 5-1, T-3rd Place of 10)

W, 15-10 vs Knoxville A in Pool Play

W, 15-7 vs Deep Fried in Pool Play

W, 15-0 vs Knoxville High School in Pool Play

W, 13-11 vs Nooga Please! in Pool Play

W, 12-10 vs Knoxville B in Quarterfinals

L, 13-10 vs Clean Plate Club in Semifinals

Hoosier Hoedown -- Bloomington, Indiana -- July 3 (Results: 3-1, 1st Place of 4)

W in Pool Play

W in Pool Play

L in Pool Play

W in Championship Game

CHUBBY -- Cincinnati, Ohio -- July 24 (Results: 4-0, 1st Place of 4)

W, 13-2 vs Revolution Alums in Pool Play

W, 13-1 vs Motorboat in Pool Play

W, 14-2 vs Cincy United in Pool Play

W, 13-6 vs Revolution Alums in Championship Game

Regular Season

Motown Throwdown -- Hartland, MI -- July 31-August 1 (Results: 4-3, 7th Place of 16)

W, 15-6 vs Mad Udderburn in Pool Play

W, 12-11 vs IBEX in Pool Play

W, 12-8 vs The Muff 'n Men in Pool Play

L, 15-5 vs Overhaul in Crossover

L, 15-11 vs Prion in Quarterfinals

L, 14-12 vs Nina in 5th-Place Semifinals

W, 13-8 vs Muevela in 7th-Place Game

Cooler Classic 22 -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin -- August 14-15 (Results: 5-2, 3rd Place of 16)

W, 13-8 vs Milwaukee's Beast in Pool Play

W, 13-5 vs The Alliance in Pool Play

W, 13-5 vs Pelican Breach in Pool Play

L, 13-11 vs Drag'n Thrust in Crossover

W, 12-7 vs Gambit in Quarterfinals

L, 15-3 vs CLX in Semifinals

W, 13-12 vs Prion in 3rd-Place Game

Chicago Heavyweights -- Naperville, Illinois -- September 11-12 (Results: 3-4, 9th Place of 36)

L, 15-9 vs Drag'n Thrust in Pool Play

W, 12-10 vs Plowed in Pool Play

L, 14-5 vs Overhaul in Pool Play

L, 14-9 vs Scientific Method in Pool Play

L, 13-11 vs Gambit in Pre-Quarters

W, 12-8 vs Santa Maria in 9th-Place Semifinals

W, 9-8 vs NOISE in 9th-Place Game


UPA East Plains/Michigan Sectionals -- Versailles, Ohio -- September 25-26 (Results: 3-5, 4th Place of 6)

* 3 Bids to Regionals

L, 15-9 vs Overhaul in Pool Play

L, 15-9 vs Santa Maria in Pool Play

W, 11-8 vs The Alliance in Pool Play

L, 15-10 vs B.O.I. in Pool Play

W, 15-1 vs Santa Maria B in Pool Play

W, 15-9 vs The Alliance in Quarterfinals

L, 13-11 vs B.O.I. in Semifinals

L, 14-9 vs Santa Maria in 3rd-Place Game